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Mimi Sheffer

  • Biography

    Cantor Mimi Sheffer, a soprano born and raised in Israel, graduated from the Rubin Academy of Music Jerusalem as a flautist. She then pursued classical vocal training under the tutelage of Tamar Rachum at the Rubin Academy of Music Tel Aviv. She continued her training under Joan Caplan in New York, where she also attended master classes with Renato Capecchi, Nico Castel, Rita Loving, Alfredo Kraus, Vera Rozsa and Hilde Zadek ...Weiter
  • Programs

    Programme suggestions for solo concerts, chamber music or with choir. The suggestions are flexible and additional works can always be added. The following are selected examples of works by Jewish-German composers alongside works of their non-Jewish contemporaries.Weiter
  • Reviews

    "…Mimi Sheffer completely wins over her audience. Even if one does not understand the words, one senses the meaning through the artist’s facial expressions and through the emotional content of the music...Weiter