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Programme suggestions for solo concerts, chamber music or with choir.

The suggestions are flexible and additional works can always be added. The following are selected examples of works by Jewish-German composers alongside works of their non-Jewish contemporaries.

Orchestral programme I

Paul Ben-Haim ­Kabbalat Shabbat – for cantor, choir and orchestra
Felix Mendelssohn – 42nd Psalm – for soprano, choir and orchestra

Orchestral programme II

Lukas Foss The Song of Songs – for soprano and orchestra
Alban Berg – Seven Early Songs – for soprano and orchestra
Arnold Schönberg – Four Songs – for voice and orchestra

Orchestral programme III

Franz Schubert Miriam’s Song of Victory – for soprano and orchestra
Ernest Bloch – Two Pslams – for soprano and orchestra
Achron Pragim – for soprano and orchestra

Chamber Music

Paul Hindemith Serenades – for soprano and sting quartet
Ernst Toch The Chinese Flute – for soprano and 14 instruments
Samuel Adler Nuptial Scene – for soprano and seven instruments (and other songs by Samuel Adler for a smaller orchestra or for piano and voice)

Choral programme I

Franz Schubert – Psalm 23 – for woman’s choir
Mendelssohn – Psalm 55 – for soprano, choir and organ
Arnold Schönberg – Psalm 130 – for choir (six voices)
Heinrich Schalit – Shabbat liturgy – for cantor, choir and organ

Choral programme II

Jewish liturgy – for cantor, choir and organ
Paul Ben-Haim Kabbalat Shabbat

The Eisenstadt Project

The latest project of soprano Sheffer is dedicated to the Polish-Jewish composer David Eisenstadt, who was murdered in1942 in the Warsaw Ghetto. She rescues Eistenstadt’s music, his highly emotional songs and synagogal compositions – which defy geographical boundaries – from oblivion and gives them new life. Alongside works by Eistenstadt, this programme can include works by his contemporaries Kurt Weill, Paul Ben-Haim, Max Janowski or Samuel Adler.

Music for cantor, choir and organ/piano.