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Keshet – Jewish Music in Dialogue

A new voice for Jewish-European composers and artists

You are visiting the future site of Keshet – Jewish Music in Dialogue, the new agency for Jewish music.

Keshet is the first artists’ agency for Jewish music in Germany after the Shoah. Our goal is to introduce audiences to classical works by Jewish composers. We pay particular attention to composers who were ostracized, persecuted, expelled or murdered in concentration camps between 1933 and 1945. This trove of musical treasures was nearly lost; sadly, they are rarely if ever performed today. We want to rescue and rediscover a repertoire that was on the brink of oblivion. Our agency is searching high and low for the songs of forgotten cantors or heroic tenors, the soubrette or musical humourist, the arranger of film music, the dance bandleader or talented pianist with a distinctive gift for composition.

We organize concerts and venues, we design performance series, support event organizers in realizing special programmes. We also are the right address for musical programmes to accompany a chuppah, bar or bat mitzvah celebration. Please get in touch!

Contact: Keshet – Jewish Music in Dialogue, artists’ agency Budde & Hopp,; Phone: + 49 172 323 44 40