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Berliner Tagesspiegel, on a Bach programme in Berlin:

“Her playing… is physical, sensual, ecstatic.”

New York Magazine on Ives’ First Sonata at Lincoln Center:

“The performance of Ofra Yitzhaki was absolutely sensational.”

Ha'aretz newspaper, Israel, about a program of contemporary music in Tel Aviv:

“Ofra Yitzhaki’s performance was breathtakingly beautiful, raising the performance of contemporary music to a new level.”

The New York Sun on a Bach programme in Trinity Church, New York:

“This pianist conveys self-confidence and an infectious sense of pure pleasure: ... a master of the keyboard.”

The Jerusalem Post on an evening of piano music at the Jerusalem Music Center:

“She transmitted the extremely intricate modern pieces with amazing intellectual insight, emotional involvement and great musical force...”

Ruhr Nachrichten on an evening of piano music as part of the Ruhr Piano Festival:

“Ofra Yitzhaki’s playing is marked by a deep sensibility, by great concentration... This pianist is always at one with the music, she does not miss a single nuance.”

Ha'aretz newspaper, Israel, about a performance of works by Ligeti:

“Ofra Yitzhaki is both profound and an artistic virtuoso.”

Darmstädter Echo on an evening of piano music in Bensheim:

“When she plays Bach, everything is crystal clear: …the melodies are as if drawn, the cascading tones as if painted... Her thoughtful, almost narrative presentation allows the jewels to shine in all their glorious colours.”