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Press comments

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 26th, 1999

“Lyrically subtle and meditatively sonorous; even the pauses are not empty; in “Anniversaries” …Plessner has managed with each piece to build a unique atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the composer... This arranger and interpreter does not merely stand out for his “quick fingers” but also for his delicate and accurate reflection of creative thought.”

Giessener Anzeiger, September 23rd, 2008

“The renowned guitarist Lucian Plessner introduces himself with a solo recital that is distinguished by… a virtuosity and innate musicality that is found only among great artists... Plessner has proven to be a poet on the guitar because he brings together a finely graded dynamic with the excellent design of melodic lines, to create an excellent tonal whole…”


“Another interesting overgrown path to follow is Lucian Plessner's 18 minute transcription of extracts from Bernstein's Mass for solo guitar. It works very well. Some may say that as it is pared down to just the bare musical ideas, and rid of quadraphonic tapes and sometime cringe-inducing libretto, it is better than the full score. A recording is available on a budget CPO CD with other “composer approved” transcriptions - well worth investigating.”