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The musicians

Evgenija Gelen, Egor Greshishnikov, Mark Mefsut und Evgeni Vilkinski

Bringing new life to a successful tradition that the Nazis snuffed out in 1938, violinist Evgeni Vilkinski founded the Jewish Chamber Philharmonic in Recklinghausen in 2005. Since then, the musicians – all of them Jewish – have been performing at a world-class level. In addition to the chamber orchestra, Vilkinski also founded a string quartet that presents a broad repertoire, including challenging quartet literature as well as light, 20th century entertainment music. The quartet consists of Evgenija Gelen, Egor Greshishnikov, Mark Mefsut and Evgeni Vilkinski, who are also members of several renowned orchestras in the Ruhr area.

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