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Omer Shomroni, Globes:

“The concert offers everything a Baroque music fan could hope for. The members of the Barrocade ensemble, playing period instruments, gave a wonderful performance…it is highly recommended Rating – 9.5″.

“In my opinion, Barrocade is the most intriguing musical group currently performing in Israel. This is an excellent small Baroque orchestra whose members play period instruments…Their fifth season includes five programs that are arousing great expectations.”

“Barrocade is the only ensemble that combines English folk songs, Sephardi Jewish songs, and Paul Desmond’s ‘Take Five’ – all performed outstandingly in a youthful, fun atmosphere.”

Hanoch Ron, “Yediot Ahronot”:

“For people who are looking for style and beauty in music… We have here the best of our Baroque orchestras.”

“The fantastic dozen of the Barrocade ensemble… the new Israelis on the classical music scene, our musical revolutionaries, simply took over the stage!”

“For whoever is looking for stylized beauty in music…”

“These young persons are marvelous players who know how to put together an original concert program; what is more, they inspire the listener with their refined performance.”

Noam Ben Ze’ev, HaAretz:

“A virtuoso performance of the kind we have not heard for a long time… The church was crowded with an audience that was clearly not typical of this kind of music, but everybody hushed with wonder at the sound of Vivaldi’s music…The storm of applause did not allow Avital and the ensemble to go offstage without giving an encore.”

Clemens Goldberg, kulturradio (Eröffnung der Musikfestspiele Potsdam):

„Das junge israelische Ensemble "Barrocade" glich die Distanz, die es noch von der absoluten Spitze trennt, durch viel Elan und Spielfreude aus. Ein Abend, der den Traum vom Mittelmeer lebendig werden ließ, aber auch in den Ansprachen von Mohammed el Barradei und David Abulafia schmerzlich bewusst werden ließ, dass die Fanatisierung und die Intoleranz das größte Hindernis bei der Realisierung dieses Traums darstellen.“